Google AdWords in Abu Dhabi is an internet marketing platform developed by Google. It is a pay per click (PPC) advertising network where advertisers to place advertisements on relevant websites, on search results, or on video sites. It may place ads both on the sponsored results of major search engines such as Google Search and over-free content sites, on mobile applications, and video.

Google AdWords has many advantages over other PPC platforms including Google’s related products like Maps, Gmail, and Chrome. The following are reasons to use Google AdWords for your marketing campaign.

  1. You can target your advertising based on a broad match or a narrow match. A broad match is similar to a traditional search query where you can target any number of keywords regardless of whether they are relevant to your search query.
  2. A narrow match requires that you provide specific keywords for the ads to show. A broad match will only show relevant ads to users searching for those specific keywords. For instance, if someone searches for dog collars, then a user may be interested in other types of dog collars, not just dog collars.
  3. Google AdWords uses bid adjustments to control the cost of each click. If you have a social media agency in Abu Dhabi, you can use Google Adwords to advertise your company. Each time a user clicks on one of your ads, you pay a certain amount of money depending on the bid adjustments. This helps increase traffic because when you have plenty of traffic, you pay less money for each click. In turn, this results in more conversions, which leads to higher advertising revenue.
  4. The ads display above the fold on Google search results page. This means that when a user searches for a keyword related to your product or service, the ads are shown above the fold. You do not have to pay for these adverts unless someone actually clicks on them.
  5. The new interface makes it easier to make changes and track ad spend. Previously, you had to open a separate campaign to make changes or view your ad spends. The new interface streamlines the whole process and makes it very simple to make changes. You can view all your clicks in one place and make changes easier to spot.
  6. Google AdWords also offers the opportunity to improve your ads’ quality score by selecting relevant and popular keywords. It makes it more likely that your ads will be clicked, therefore improving your quality score.