Being a businessman is easy but being a successful one is not easy at all. Every single one of us wants to start a business and we want to make it large and that is why there are many of us who want to struggle as well.

But there are many who lose hope while struggling but being hopeful and doing struggle at all times is the basic need of the business and it is a basic fuel to your road to success.

If you are finding inspiration for yourself in making your business a successful one after opting for a business setup in Dubai South, then we suggest that you keep reading to know more because here, we have listed the most successful businessmen in the world;

  1. The first is Andrew Carnegie and he died at the age of 83 at August 11, 1919 and his place of birth was Dunfermline in Scotland and he started the business of steel manufacturing and when we died, his net worth was 380 million dollars that makes 309 billion dollars of today. He was from a poor family and they had a home that had a room, kitchen and a dining room and the siblings along with him used to sleep in the dining room. He started the job of telegraph messenger and his salary was 2.50 dollars per week and it increased to 4 dollars and he started saving some and then invested some in oil company shares and his first profit was 40,000 dollars and slowly and gradually he invested more and more and finally started his own steel manufacturing.
  2. The next is Steve Jobs, he was the owner of Apple from February 24, 1955 to October 5, 2011. He is an American and he was born in San Francisco and his net worth is 6.1 billion dollars. After high school, he started working for Atari and there he worked as a computer technician and there he met his old friend Steve Wozniak and they started making computers that got sold and were demanding as well and that is why and how they started the company of Apple in April 1, 1976. Now we can all see that there are so many products of Apple; phone, watches, home appliances, computers, cameras, drones, security, apps, phones as well and much more.

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