There are a lot of people who not only like to have tiles on the floor, but they also want to have tiles on their walls. Walls look amazing when you use tiles in the right manner and you can get Grespania wall tiles while you are considering cover the walls with ties. You can also go for Ragno tiles as they will look good too. You can have the tiles on the bathroom walls as mostly you will see that the walls of bathroom are covered with tiles in most of the bathrooms because there will be a lot of water spilling in that area and if there is only paint on walls then the paint will get ruined and you have to paint that again and again. Here you will get to see the difference between the wall and floor tiles:

Lesser weight:

Because you have to get the tiles on the walls and there will be the work of gravity in this case so you have to get something which has lesser weight. When you go select the will tiles then you will see that they are lighter than the floor tiles because they only have to pasted on the walls and no one will be walking or running on that so if it is lesser in weight then there will be worry of the tiles getting break. If you get these tiles on your floor then you will get cracks on tiles and breakage of that so always try to get the right one for the right place.


They will be thinner than the floor tiles because you need to get them on the walls and if you get the thicker ones like the floor tiles then you will get more weight on the walls and it will not be good for the durability of your house. They may fall from the walls when they are thicker as they will not get stick to the walls properly. When you are going to have the tiles on your walls then you have to put the glue on your tiles and not the walls because it will not get stick in a better way when you put glue on the wall so do right way.