Biometric access control is considered as one of the most popular type of security system in the market. Because it provides the best security and it is also very convenient. The management of an entry point, such as a door, turnstile, elevator, or other device, is referred to as access control so it only allows to enter the person who are authorized.  While access control systems can be used for almost any access point with an electronic lock mechanism, the most typical use for access control is doors.

There are three types of access control system

  • Key fob
  • Your id card
  • Keys

The person who wants to get enter in the building or anywhere, he needs to know the code. You can get the code in different forms. Few of them are

  • PIN
  • Password
  • User id
  • Biometrics are used to identify the person with their own body. The following are examples of common biometric modalities:
  • Palm vein recognition.
  • Eyes Scanner
  • Face recognition
  • Fingerprints

The use of biometric in the security system

Traditional access systems have a major flaw: objects and data can be transferred or stolen, allowing someone other than the authorized user to get access to the system. You might not know that there are a lot of coffee shops who have a keypad on their restroom’s door and that keypad requires a passcode. This passcode is printed on the receipt and they usually do this so that people don’t only come to use restroom and leave, they must order something. Passcodes are not reliable because it’s just a code which could be share among each other and everyone can make use of it. If we talk about keys, key fobs, id cars, they could be stolen and even the non-authorized person can get the entry but there is a unique code of biometric system which can’t be shared or lost so that’s why biometric system is one of the most secure type of security system.

There are many offices in Dubai which uses the biometric time attendance system Dubai and there are many banks in Dubai as well which uses the door access control system Dubai.