Car paint is a paint that is basically prepared for automobiles to not only enhance their beauty but also to protect them from rust and other types of damages. Without a doubt choosing the car color seems to be the most gratifying part when buying a car. In order to protect the car from the damages of the atmosphere, polyurethane-based enamel is added in them. While pearl pigment provides the car with its shimmery look that increases the beauty of a car and provides it a great texture. In order to protect the car from surrounding damages you can find some best car paint protection Dubai. Along with providing the cars with a good color some auto mechanics also give the cars tinting windows to enhance the look of the car. For best window tinting you can always look up to window tinting Dubai.

Types of car paints

Talking about the chemical composition of a car paint, they are divided into two categories. The first on is called 1k or you can also call them one component. These are named so because they do not require any type of hardener or any reagent for drying it out. While on the other hand the second type of car paint is called 2k which is also known as two components. These types of car paint do require some hardeners or reagents for drying them. Actually these hardeners and reagents protects the car from damages of the surroundings and atmosphere.

Like the types there also two types according to which the paint can be applied on an automobile. One is single stage while the other is multi stage. The single stage application provides the car with a shiny and smooth final look by itself while the multi stage application of paint gives them a shimmery look along with the protection. However single stage is easy and fast but it is not as long lasting as compared to the two stage method. That is the main reason that people prefer to have two stage paint on their cars.

Many different types of pigments are available these days. Like solid color pigment which is the most expensive pigment to apply and if in case of some damage also it can cause you a huge sum of money for its fixing. Some other pigments are matte color, pearlescent color, and metallic color.