If you are planning to set up a Company across the world, then there is no such thing as establishing a business in the UAE free-zone. During the past few years, the UAE is playing a crucial role in carrying foreign investment to the Emirates from all over the world. The government of the UAE is taking surprising initiative for the betterment of their country. They are introducing business-friendly policies that are getting the attention of foreign investors. The UAE has categorized its market into three business hubs such as offshore, mainland, and free-zone.

However, when it comes to a company setup in Dubai, free-zone is one of the best places where you can achieve your particular goals. Here are the benefits of company formation in UAE free-zone.

You have complete foreign ownership:

One of the most obvious benefits of company registration in Dubai freezone is, you have 100% ownership over your business. You do not have to find any local sponsorship or partner for company formation like mainland business.

No restriction of currency regulation:

When you do business in foreign countries, you have to face the restriction of currency regulations there. However, by setting up a Company in the UAE free-zone, you are not bound for currency regulations, which make your financial transactions stress-free.

Import/export duty exemptions:

One of the great benefits of company formation in the UAE is you are exempted from import and export duties. It helps you to expand your business globally, which attracts most foreign investors.

Tax exemptions:

Entrepreneurs who set up their business in a free-zone are free from different taxes such as corporate and personal income tax. You enjoy 100% revenue and can transfer your capital and profits easily from your home country.

Return benefits:

Free-zone companies are qualified for 100% return benefits, including financial assets and revenue.

Easy labor recruitment:

The free-zone companies are allowed to recruit foreign employees, and the recruitment process is much easier than mainland business.

Ease of Company Formation:

One of the best things about a free-zone company is the procedure of Company formation is much simple and easy. You can get a trade license within a few days as compared to other business hubs.

Already available workspace:

As a free-zone company owner, you don’t have to construct any warehouse of offices as it is the easy availability of office spaces and warehouses in a free zone.