This article covers the different types of braces available for children and teenagers. The improper positioning of the teeth in children may call for braces, which is the only best way of having perfect teeth today. Some dentists may even suggest surgeries but usually it is advisable to go for pain-free and non-invasive methods like having braces. Different kinds of braces have come up for children but their use depends upon the problem of the teeth shape. Moreover, cost is another factor while choosing the type of braces for your child.

Labial Braces

These are the original kind of braces that were first introduced. They are to be fixed on the frontal surface of the teeth creating pressure to reposition the teeth in a line. These are of three types:

Metal Braces: This teeth fixture is based on the combination of nickel and titanium. It is the original and the oldest form of braces, used even today. They are mostly preferred because of their accurate results and cost-effectiveness.

Ceramic braces: They are made of translucent composite material, thus are transparent braces. They are known to blend well with the color of the teeth enamel. However, ceramic braces are expensive and being brittle they have a tendency to break easily. Thus, not much feasible to all.

Damon Braces: They are known as self-litigating teeth fixtures as they don’t have ligatures or small bands that are usually there in metal braces. They are made this way so that the arch wires stay in place and can slide back and forth within a bracket to have less friction. They are often preferred over metal braces for the lesser treatment time they take.

Lingual Braces

These braces are fixed behind the teeth, hence popularly known as hidden braces. However, they sometimes have adjustment issues like speech problem.


These especial braces entail transparent brackets made of a peculiar plastic. They are custom-made so as to fix well with the teeth and create pressure. It is the only braces type that provides greatest comfort and ease of use. The only disadvantage of Invisalign is the high cost and regular change of brackets.

Other Types Of Braces

Braces come in different colors and shapes today as per the demand from children and teenagers. There is no touch of style or fashion in braces, there are star or round shaped braces that are quite in vogue these days. You can also put in some effort to get straight teeth without braces.