Knowing about SEO is a vast field and you have to work in one of these fields and then stick to that to increase your knowledge in that. When some people are unable to do the work of SEO for their website then they will try to hire the SEO consulting services because they know in this way will be going to achieve their goals otherwise it is very difficult to reach to more people every day and to upload content which they are demanding. These people can also go for the digital marketing companies as well if they want to do some paid advertisements with their help. You can start working as SEO consultant through following ways:

You have to understand that your presence on social media and on the internet is necessary so you have to make your own website with full concentration and use all the techniques in that so your clients will get to know about your ability and then they will be willing to hire you on the spot without thinking twice. This only happens if you have a good and appealing website.

When you are working for your clients then you have to make sure that you are concentrating on their product more because you have to search keywords that match to the products or services they are providing otherwise the keywords will do nothing good to your clients and they will not be happy to hire you. When they are angry then they may not say good words about your company and it will damage your reputation in the market. You should not ignore any of your clients and if you think that there is a lot of work and you cannot handle any new work then simply refuse to work for them instead of delaying their work and damaging your reputation.

You have to write a blog on your website where you will be telling about your work and your history because in this way you will able to get more clients as they will be happy to know about the company with whom they will be going to work after hiring them. You also need to help your clients in having their own blog and getting more traffic through best SEO solutions and do your work with honesty and full attention.