Robots are not just the structure which looks like a human as many of the people will think of when they hear about the word robot because there are different kinds of machinery which is referred to as robots due to the their operations and their working ability. There are four different kinds of robot in UAE and here you will get to know about them:


It is the most widely used robot in the industry and it is a rather simpler one as well. They are widely used because they are easy to understand and handle that’s most of the plant operators will prefer that to use while they are working. They are very flexible with their working ability that’s why many people will choose that because they can take a lot of works from them but one bad thing is that their assemble is quite difficult otherwise it is a very option to get when you need a robot.


They are also very simple just like the previous one. They are very simple can provide two kinds of movements which are linear and rotary so that they can provide different kinds of work to the operator. When you need to have the simpler works done, like picking up something and then placing it somewhere else, then you can use robot as it works best.


They are more complexed than the previous two mentioned above and they are providing different kinds of works which are complex in nature and they also provide different rotations. They are more flexible and can move to more degrees as compared to the previous ones. They are mostly used in the industry of medicine where they can work best. They are very easy to integrate but they are not customization friendly that’s why most of people will like to have the Cartesians when they need robot for their work.


They are often bigger sized and can do different kinds of works. They look like human arm and also work like that which means they can pick bigger objects and then put them in to their desired place. They can be very big on size as well and they are also very quick in working despite their size, so industries where bigger and faster robot is needed then it is used. Click here for more information.